Parse XML files

Is xpath available in OpenWrt, or any other parsing tool for XML files?


libxml2 should provide XML parsing.

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I think I was not clear about what I need:
I need some kind of XML parser I can use in ash.

I don´t understand how to use libxml2 in ash.

Python is available for OpenWRT in some flavors:

handing over to a mini Python script could do the deed.

I installed libxml2, but I still get -ash: xmllint: not found when I run xmllint --help. Shouldn´t xmllint be available in libxml2?

Use a pre-release or a fresh build:

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As @vgaetera has mentioned, it looks like the current version of libxml2 in 19.07 branch does not copy some of the helper binaries, however the version in 21.02 and snapshot does, you could download the libxml2 package from 21.02 RC/snapshot for your arch from here:

Then install with opkg.


Downloaded and installed:

Now xmllint works from command line. :slight_smile:

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