Parental Control for time restrictions not working with "reject"

I folllowed the directions here Parental Control guide but it blocked the devices internet during those times. I went in and changed the time to UTC and still didn't work. I have since then changed the "reject" to "accept" and its working again, but not sure if it will work all the time or stop when it reaches the time. Please see the pic. My original setting had "reject" not "Acceot" This picture is after I changed the setting.


Perhaps I misread, or this is a jk/troll...

Isn't that what it's supposed to do???

What didn't work?
Your first sentence says that it blocked during those times.

For're attempting to setup a parental control rule TO BLOCK DEVICES' TRAFFIC TO THE INTERNET AT CERTAIN TIMES, correct?

Your picture has all days and hours checked...also you have a major have the times set from 9PM to 2PM...this is a condition the system can never meet...computers (that I've observed) cannot travel backwards in time.

No that works fine, I have settings from 10pm to 8am (reject) and it blocks from 10pm to 8am the next day.


I think you should change it back to "reject". Which means it will start blocking from the start-time until it reaches the stop-time. If the stop-time is earlier then it will stop blocking the next day at that time.

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Well, my other worry applies...that means the OP set the rule and it was working...therefore...

I agree.

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So I am having issues with it blocking again. It is on the same settings with the exception of UTC, I changed it to Local time. For testing procedures I set the start time to 00:00:00 and stop time 23;59:59 all days checked, all week days checked. My phone, my TV, none of the devises seem to stop working like I want them to

I couldn't find any doc to verify. But I always assumed you had to choose either day of week or day of month not both similarly start/stop time or date not both.

The stop start time gap looks suspiciously small at one second one minute might be more workable

I will try making those adjustments. I will uncheck all dates, and just use days of the week.

I do not need to use "--kerneltz" in the "extra arguments" anymore do I? One other thing. I have the same device with two different rules. Example.

Ipad shuts off at 10pm-0600am (normal routine Sun - Sun)
ipad shuts off 24 hrs (when I get pissed and they don't listen) Only enable when they don't listen

Do these rules need to be in a specific order?

may enable one and disable the other as required