Parental control app

Can someone fix up a good parental control app.for LEDE firmware.thanks a lot

Meanwhile, if you haven't done/found it already, you can read on the Parental controls - How thread. You can do some basic stuff just by switching your DNS configuration to OpenDNS.

Okay .thanks

Sorry but I don't know any good software for LEDE firmware. I think that kids spend more and more time with their mobile devices. If you need a good app for mobile devices then I can recommend you installing Kidslox ( It is easy to use and not expensive.

spying on other people is not ok (kids are people too).

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I support this request as well. I currently use OpenDNS. Technically, it works well. But OpenDNS has been taken over by Cisco, just as a lot of DNS providers have been taken over by large companies. I assume they do this for data collection and profiling, so, ideally I would like to sort it out myself.

IMHO it should work on an adblock/Pi-Hole based way, but then with categories like the ones in OpenDNS. I don't know if DNS-lists for these kind of categories are openly available. Also: ideally it should provide back by which category it is blocked (just as OpenDNS does). The added value is that it then would be sorted out on router level iso external DNS provider level. This might also speed up the perceived internet speed a bit.

If you don't find a way, maybe you can try another parental control app. I recommend kidsguard pro which has powerful functions.

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