Packages.sig - untrusted comment:

I'm getting packages list on chaos_calmer, 15.05.1, ar71xx and get:.

Signature check failed.
Remove wrong Signature file.

Packages.sig contains:
untrusted comment: signed by key
followed by a base 64 signature.

Is this normal?


for a 7 year old release....

are you sure you're using an official build ?

Yes - official.

no it is not normal. but 7+ years old, not supported, end-of-life version you try to use ...
if you want though and sure you are using the original official version and pkg repos then as a workaround you may edit /etc/opkg.conf and comment out option check_signature.
but it is your call, it is a risk you have to decide to take or not. also if possible use a newer release, highly recommended!

Thanks, I'll see what else is available for my router...