Packages: pkg-message option?

In other environments I've worked with, there is a way for a package to display "important information" to the user on install. After reviewing

I didn't see the equivalent as a formal hook or content within the package description of package itself.

Is there?

  • precedent for this in OpenWRT at all
  • a formal way of accomplishing it that I've missed


@jow or @tmomas -- would it be possible to pin that valuable post on Packaging guidelines?

There is no such facility yet. We can certainly add it, but it needs to be drafted first.

And how to reveal it in LuCI, as we all know how carefully people pay attention to the output when they install packages through the GUI. :sunglasses:

As an example of potential benefits, package messages would have helped the OP of [Solved] E-mail WAN IP when changed, with 'mailsend'? to know that they needed the provider-specific package to complete their configuration.

Feel free to poke me if this rises to the level of action.