Packages luci-app-statistics and luci-app-vnstat need to be fixed

Hello ppl. I'm using OpenWrt for some months now (great piece of software by the way) and I'm facing a problem.

I use luci-app-statistics and luci-app-vnstat to collect statistics. The problem is that if I want to add/remove interfaces, the drop-down menu doesn't include the interface names but only the icons.

That means you have to click on the box to see what interface is that.
And apart from that, it doesn't look good too.

Also as you can see on the pic (I have two pics, one for vnstat and one for luci-statistics but as new user I can't upload more than one), the wireless iwinfo plugin from luci-app-statistics lets you choose all the interfaces and not only the two wireless.

Please fix that and keep up the good work.
Thank you!

luci-app-statistics pic:

luci-app-vnstat pic:
https:// i.imgur .com/7zRoPuT.png

Might be something needs backporting from Master where it appears to be working as expected with

  • vnstat2 2.6-1 | vnstati2 2.6-1 | luci-app-vnstat2 git-20.162.73326-f20fafb