Packages for WRT1900AC - OpenWRT vs LEDE


Im probably the least intelligent guy on this forum, so thats my disclaimer.

EDIT: Definitely am, missed the update packages button. -- Not sure it displayed consistently. Thanks!

Ive been playing with custom firmware for years, but not a dev.

I recently checked again if there was an OpenWRT image for my WRT1900AC, last I checked it wasn't quite stable. I was pleased to find one, and that is when I learned of LEDE. Seems like LEDE is the future, and OpenWRT's future is uncertain, so I downloaded and installed LEDE. Surprised to see very few packages to install. Being that I am not so smart, am I missing a step that would allow me to install more packages, or should I just be the patient layman and wait for the smart folks to make more packages?

LEDE looks very exciting, and already speed tests much better than OpenWRT, so I look forward to giving fios their damned quantum gateway back!

Thanks in advance

What are you missing when you do the following?

# opkg update
# opkg list
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LEDE and OpenWRT are planning to merge, the OpenWRT developers have been putting
their updates into the LEDE codebase (I don't know if they got everything in
before 17.01, but I think they got pretty close)

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Like what? To my knowledge there has not been much imports from the Openwrt repo. Care to give examples?
More or less it has been the other way, backporting such stuff from LEDE to Openwrt that allows the development of package feeds to progress.

Packages feed and Luci are common, so the same feed packages are available on both.

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late last year the OpenWRT devs were given commit privileges to the LEDE repo so
that they could commit their work directly.

I agree that far more development has happened on the LEDE side, but at this
point, openwrt is a subset of LEDE

David Lang

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I am all good now from that thank you, I figured out how stupid I was shortly after posting!