Package version info in image?

Does the build system include the bin/targets/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxxx.manifest in the IMAGE that it creates? Or, an option to include it?

I'd say use opkg

opkg list-installed
opkg info dnsmasq # for more details on a specific package
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Is there a file that info is kept in? I'm trying to reference this info during init.

cat $(find /usr/ | grep dnsmasq | grep control)
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cat $(find /usr/ | grep dnsmasq | grep control ) > /tmp/vercontol && grep "Version" /tmp/vercontol

This is what I finally came up with. Please correct me in a better way to do it if there is one.

Version: 2.81-3 is the output.

Is there any way to include the .manifest file in the image? Or is it in the image anywhere?

yes, as @anon50098793 says, they are in /usr/lib/opkg/info/<package>.control

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Ah ha.. And this is the Lightbulb moment..

maybe something like:

grep Version /usr/lib/opkg/info/dnsmasq.control | cut -d ' ' 
-f 2
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fgrep -r 'Version:' $(find /usr/ | grep '.control$') | sed 's:/usr/lib/opkg/info/::' | sed 's/.control//' | sed 's/:Version:/ - /' | sort

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