Package Simple Adblock doesn't allow any internet access once enabled, requires router reboot

My issue is that when I enable simple-adblock service, it stops all internet access from working. I cannot reach any web addresses via FQDN or IP. Disabling the service does not fix it, I have to reboot the router before I regain internet access.

I've installed simple-adblock and luci-app-simple-adblock along with the dependencies uclient-fetch, libustream-mbedtls, coreutils-sort and dnsmasq (already installed on OpenWRT by default anyway). When I initially enable the service, it does reply that the service is running with 48k something domains being blocked. The config is pretty simple, so I'm not sure how that could have been botched, but nonetheless it's happening.

Not sure what logs to check for issues. Would like to use the service but as it stands something is preventing anything from being used at all as it comes "out of the box".

I am running OpenWRT 18.06 on a Netgear R7800. The only other service I'm running concurrently besides the default stuff that comes with OpenWRT is YAMon 3.4 package. Doesn't appear to be affected, it and LuCI are the only webpages I can still hit after enabling simple-adblock service.

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