Package is installed but its not listed as installed and I cant uninstall it

I have OLSR installed including the luci app and I want to remove it The problem is that the package is not listed as being installed anywhere and I cant remove olsrd since opkg does not know its installed or even that its install-able. I am not sure what happened but I would like to remove this package and its dependencies. I cant even find the package using 'opkg find olsr' anymore.

Just shooting some blanks here, couldn't you reinstall the package and uninstall it? If not, take a look at the package contents (both files and post install scripts) and revert the changes manually.

Problem is the package is not even showing as available.

I keep ending up fixing my own issues. :slight_smile:

I did the following
cd /
find |grep olsr

and then i went to town deleting things.
Once i deleted everything (including all references on the opkg folder ) It was gone and opkg update now shows it as installable. I think opkg cache got corrupted somehow but the manual removal process seems to have done it. I am now going to try reinstalling it and uninstalling it again to make sure its clean

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