Package installation

I'm currently installing packages on my OpenWrt-based device manually, which involves executing a series of opkg commands:

  1. opkg update
  2. opkg install ffmpeg
  3. opkg install openssl-util
  4. opkg install file
  5. opkg install unzip
  6. opkg install minicom

Is it possible to include these package installations as part of the OpenWrt build process, ensuring that these packages are automatically installed when I flash the firmware onto a device? If so, could you please provide guidance on how to integrate these package installations into the build process, making the deployment of these packages more seamless and less manual?
add the packages to the package list, don't forget to add luci, if it isn't already there.


Currently, I'm building a custom OpenWrt image using the following command: make -j1 V=s FILES="/home/openwrt/files" BIN_DIR="/home/openwrt/my_custom" . I want to include specific files from /home/openwrt/files in the image, but I'm also interested in adding above mentioned packages to the image. Can you guide me on how to include both the files and packages in the custom OpenWrt image?

if you can't script it via firmware-selector, you've got no choice.

You may want to hold off on using OpenWrt Firmware Selector since a few people mentioned problems with it the last couple days.

EDIT: Just tested Firmware Selector, it's still out of order. Give them a few days? to fix it...

I've successfully built a custom OpenWrt image using the following command: make -j1 V=s PACKAGES="ffmpeg openssl-util file unzip minicom" FILES="/home/openwrt/files" BIN_DIR="/home/openwrt/my_custom" . Can you please guide me on how to verify that the packages (ffmpeg, openssl-util, file, unzip, minicom) have been added to the generated image?

disassemble/unpack the image, or flash it.