Package feed error

I'm a beginner on OpenWrt and Makefiles, I'm following the helloworld example of creating package for OpenWrt. But I really stuck on something. I've tried it with both building from source and pre-compiled SDK. I've made the simple Makefile, when I get to the step of feeding my package with ./scripts/feeds update mypackages command it threw an error like

Updating feed 'mypackages' from '/home/onur/Desktop/OpenWrt_SDK/mypackages' ...
Create index file './feeds/mypackages.index'
grep: feeds/mypackages/Makefile:$(eval: No such file or directory
grep: $(call: No such file or directory
grep: BuildPackage,helloworld))/Makefile: No such file or directory
/home/onur/Desktop/OpenWrt_SDK/openwrt-sdk-19.07.7-ath79-generic_gcc-7.5.0_musl.Linux-x86_64/feeds/mypackages.tmp/info/ *** target pattern contains no '%'. Stop.
Collecting target info: done

When I tried to make my Makefile I noticed it couldn't find any include files, then I exported the TOPDIR variable like that in my Makefile:

export TOPDIR:=/home/onur/Desktop/OpenWrt_SDK/openwrt-sdk-19.07.7-ath79-generic_gcc-7.5.0_musl.Linux-x86_64

include $(TOPDIR)/
# Name, version and release number
# The name and version of your package are used to define the variable to point to the build directory of your package:(PKG_BUILD_DIR)
package: $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)
# Source settings (i.e. where to find the source codes)
# This is a custom variable, used below
include $(INCLUDE_DIR)/
# Package definition; instructs on how and where our package will appear in the overall configuration menu ('make menuconfig')
define Package/helloworld
 TITLE:=Hello, World!
# Package description; a more verbose description on what our package does
define Package/helloworld/description
	A simple "Hello, world!" -application.
# Package preparation instructions; create the build directory and copy the source code. 
# The last command is necessary to ensure our preparation instructions remain compatible with the patching system.
define Build/Prepare
	mkdir -p $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)
# Package build instructions; invoke the target-specific compiler to first compile the source file, and then to link the file into the final executable
define Build/Compile
	$(TARGET_CC) $(TARGET_CFLAGS) -o $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/helloworld.o -c $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/helloworld.c
# Package install instructions; create a directory inside the package to hold our executable, and then copy the executable we built previously into the folder
define Package/helloworld/install
	$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/usr/bin
	$(INSTALL_BIN) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/helloworld $(1)/usr/bin
# This command is always the last, it uses the definitions and variables we give above in order to get the job done
$(eval $(call BuildPackage,helloworld))

But that didn't work. I've come across on the Internet that error of *** target pattern contains no '%'. Stop. but I couldn't find any answer.
Also my directory tree is like; root directory


package directory is


and the code directory


Please help me it's important for my work.

A feed is a collection of packages and the metadata scan scripts expect Makefiles to reside two levels deep at least. Assuming that /home/onur/Desktop/OpenWrt_SDK/mypackages is the feed directory you setup in feeds.conf, then your OpenWrt package Makefile should be placed in /home/onur/Desktop/OpenWrt_SDK/mypackages/helloworld/Makefile. For each further package, add a new subdirectory with a new Makefile.

The feed directory itself should contain no Makefiles but only subdirectories with Makefiles representing packages.

Also remove the export TOPDIR overwrite. The appropriate environment is exported by scripts/feeds already


Thank you very much for the explanation and the answer. I will test this and probably this is the issue...

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