Package dependency issue toolchain/HostBuild

I'm trying to integrate a HostBuild-package (extending the toolchain) namely OCaml following this patch
OCaml compilation itself works on OpenWRT v18.06.0 but with dependency issues on gcc and *libc (i.e. stdio.h) - which I fail to integrate.


Is there a way to tell a "HostBuild" package (like toolchain/ocaml) to
depend on toolchain/gcc?

What I've tried

I'v tried the following without success for toolchain/ocaml (tools/ocaml on the other hand worked):
HOST_BUILD_DEPENDS:=gcc automake gcc/host automake/host
PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS:=gcc automake gcc/host automake/host

Best, Nick

You need to extend the build dir dependencies in toolchain/Makefile. Since the components in this directory are not real packages, the usual dependency facilities are not available.

Most likely you need to add something like $(curdir)/ocaml/compile:=$(curdir)/gcc/final/compile

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Hi Jow, that did work immediately, thank you!

I commited the changeset/diff I use to compile ocaml, please see

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