P2P links with OpenWrt


I am new to this project so please excuse my ignorance.

I have some old Ubiquity Nanobridge M5's. Wondering if I can use OpenWrt to setup a P2P link on custom frequencies? Maybe 4.9 or 6Ghz?

thank you much

OpenWrt adheres to the regulatory domain regulations of your region, anything beyond that is between your abilities to code, the hardware/ drivers/ firmware and your local legislation and its implementation by its regulatory body.

tl;dr: no.


"custom frequencies" are not a thing. The radio hardware in the device can only use specific frequency bands because of cost-cutting reasons (it's never intended to use frequencies different from 2.4 or 5 Ghz so it makes no sense to pay for hardware radios that can do more than that)

If you want to play with custom frequencies you need SDR (software defined radio) hardware.