Overclock gl.inet gl-ax1800

I would like to overclock the ig.net gl-ax1800 router. I do not have technical knowledge of firmware, so I would appreciate it if you could either pass me the code or tell me step by step how to do it. I would appreciate it.
And if I get a satisfactory result, I can pay 5 or 10 euros for the effort.
But I also don't want the router to break in a month an overclock with a head because this router is capped, the vpn gives more power than it does.
Sometimes the capado has been bugged and caught up to 250 mbs more speed but when restarting it returns to the values ‚Äč‚Äčannounced by the manufacturer.

the gl.inet ax1800 isn't supported by openwrt, you'd need to ask gl.inet.

more info at GL.iNet AX1800 - #3 by RAS

Then don't overclock it.

Buy a cheap dual-NIC PC instead, which will far outstrip any cheap domestic router in capability. As an example, a few of us recently bought the AceMagician T8 Plus, which is an astonishingly capable device and retails (right now) in the UK for under £150.

OpenWRT doesn't (yet) support the on-board Wi-Fi adapter, but the two Ethernet sockets work just fine, and some forum members are looking into what might be needed to get the Wi-Fi adapter working at some point. If you're not in the UK, the same device (or a comparable equivalent with supported Wi-Fi) may well be available at a similar price where you are.

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How do I make a vpn router with a mini pc I really have no idea if you could give me light

This is the forum for OpenWRT. You could, for example, install the x86_64 build of OpenWRT on a PC. Using it is exactly the same as on any other device that OpenWRT supports. The differences are under the hood, with regard to driver and device support. But the front end - SSH and the Web interface - is the same.

Your first post indicates that you already know how to configure OpenWRT and set up a VPN; the process would be the same regardless of what device is running OpenWRT.

If you wanted to set up a different operating system, e.g. some other flavour of Linux, and configure it as a VPN endpoint, then some reading on your part would be in order. Some example search terms to get you started are "how do i set up my own vpn server" or "how do i host my own vpn server" or "home vpn server" or similar wording.

here's a slight differance thought, all the packages you need probably ship with the stock fw, something openwrt doesn't do.

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Good point. In that case, it can be a useful learning exercise for the OP.