Outgoing VPN client can't find DNS

I have a technical background but am new to OpenWRT. I have a Linksys AC3200 WRT3200ACM at home running OpenWRT (downloaded and installed latest version about a month ago but not sure exact version number). My work laptop runs windows 10 and has a VPN client on it. The following is all using wifi.

When the laptop is connected to the network but the VPN is disconnected, everything works as expected. When the laptop connects to the VPN, it can't resolve DNS queries outside of google and its subdomains. If I run these three commands on the laptop and reboot it, then connect to the VPN, the DNS works fine with all websites:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /flushdns

Leaving the network and coming back seems to break the DNS, requiring me to run those three commands again. The issue does not present with other networks (coffee shops, tethered to my phone, etc) which leads me to believe the problem is with my network configuration.

What on earth did I break?

More information required:

  • Where is your DNS server, what's its address?
  • How is this DNS server given to clients (i.e. static, DHCP)?
  • Is this server accessible when connected to the VPN?
  • Does the VPN provide DNS services while connected???
    • Do you use it?
    • Are you required to use it?
    • Is it working!?!?
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Well, at the moment, it's working. So until it breaks again, not a lot to figure out

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Still you can answer the questions to have an idea what can be wrong. They are not connected to whether it is working or not.

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