OSLR mesh, how to enable WPA2-PSK encryption?

I installed openWRT 19.07.6 on an AVM Fritz!Repeater 300E.
Than I configured mesh using OLSR.

Now I want to enable encryption (WPA2-PSK) but have no idea where to start. All threads I've found seems to be outdated.
I'm little bit confused what to use, do have to use wpad-mesh-openssl or wpa-supplicant with hostapd or whatever?

Appreciate any hints.

Kind Regards

No one out there who can give me some hints?

I found out that authsae was used before, then it was substituted by wpad-mesh.
But I can't find a package wpad-mesh.
There are packages wpad, wpad-mesh-openssl or wpad-mesh-wolfssl.
Some threads mention the combination of hostapd & wpa-supplicant.

So, what to use now with OSLR ??

Appreciate any advice.

Kind regards