Original firmware appeared automatically

I have the Linksys 1200 ac running with lede 17.01.4
Very fine!
Then I tested nodogsplash and with only some wrong confit settings the router restarted 4-5 times and ended up with the power led blinking.
No access via Ethernet nor WiFi.
Restart didn’t help so I unplugged the power plug - waited and plugged it back in.
On Luci was gone and the original linksys config Interface appeared with the wlan config I had done before flashing lede.
How is this possible?
Does the original remain on the device if I flash lede? The router was without internet connection at that time.
I understood that I was overwriting the original firmware with lede so how can it appear right back?

2 flash partitions on that device.
By failing to boot several times it triggered failsafe and reverted to other partition which must have contained factory firmware.

Just reflash and try again.

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nice. thanks,
I red it is fw_printenv and fw_setenv boot_part and failsafe.
Nice feature.
I am just wondering how a wrong config did make the router always dail to boot / crash. I have seen something "terminated" in the syslog before I was able to disable nodogsplash.
Maybe nodogsplash is not the right tool for me.