OrangePi Zero Expansion board support

Hello, the USB ports on GPIO pin headers for OrangePi Zero are turned off by default. The kernel doesn't recognize any devices connected to it even though power is supplied. lsusb doesn't show any devices.

On Armbian, the USB ports are activated using overlay at /boot/dtb/overlay/ . How can this be accomplished for OpenWrt?

I can't find dtb/overlay at /boot on the OpenWrt installation medium for OrangePi Zero/R1. /boot has only 3 files, and no directory.



Did you try copying /boot/dtb/overlay/ from Armbian?
The boot files on my RPI Zero seem to work that way. In that their filesystem location, name, etc, remain static.

It looks like there is some udev stuff in Armbian you will need to look at and try to replicate :
And for userspace GPIO, I believe that orangepi-bsp might be useful.

Honestly, I have had pretty good results with buildroot on my RPI Zero. Your mileage may vary.

You can build from source with this patch here. It still hasn’t been pulled into upstream yet, and I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to upstream or not (know very little about devicetree actually).

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