Orange Pi Zero 2W

Hi, really want to replace my Raspberry Pi 3B with an Orange Pi Zero 2W atop an expansion board with dual ethernet. OpenWrt doesn't seem to have support for this board or soc, so I was wondering what I might need to do get OpenWrt on it. I have a Debian VM setup for building OpenWrt, but I'm not sure any of the configs from make menuconfig are appropriate for this device.

WiFi chip is a CDTech 20U5622, which I cannot tell if it has kernel drivers upstream ("official" Debian image uses unisoc_wifi kernel module iirc). WiFi is secondary to me, though. SoC is an Allwinner H618, and this one in particular is the 4GB version. I keep seeing the term u-boot thrown around, so maybe that's important. Expansion board just needs cdc_ether to run which is trivial to get.

Hopefully understandably it's plain to see why I'd love to get this insy tinsy little guy running.

Thank you if anyone can provide any input.

There is pretty good documentation about enabling new device support in OpenWrt. It seems like you're already doing a bunch of the right things -- checking the chipsets and the availability of source code... but this should hopefully help you dig a bit deeper:

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Guessing there is a with-W and without-W variant, while the remaining parts is possibly the same hardware, you might want to contact the non-W fraction as well. But I do not know, if they are still actively working on it: OpenWrt for OrangePi Zero2

You can try the image from the page for orangepi zero3