Orange Pi 5 Plus comes with dual 2.5GbE + m.2 WiFi slot

RK3588 CPU + 2x2.5GbE + m.2 slot for WiFi slot, with the Mediatek WiFi 6E card probably we can build a very small size 6E router when RK3588 gets the support.

IMO: the problem with the Orange PI 5 is that there are no proper cases for any of them. (I've been following the OPI5 for a while now)

If there is a case like the NanoPi r6s or Rock5B has , I will certainly buy one :smiley:

Yes I agree, this is kind of pain, if I get one probably I have to ask my colleague to help 3D printing a case for me

are all these rockchip SOC optimized for networking ??

Those are general purpose ARM SoC (most of them are for mobile consumer products), specialized devices usually not cheap and not easy to get in retail channel.

'Optimized' would probably be the wrong word, the SOC is designed to be a RPi competitor with graphics card, 3d- and video acceleration (and the single PCIe port makes it barely suitable for AP uses, apart from DBDC) - but like the RPi, they are fast enough to achieve decent routing performance (the big-LITTLE core design might need some tweaking with OpenWrt).

Yeah....just like x86 routers, other than AES-NI/QuickAssist, basically the CPU is based on it's high computational power to process everything and there is no magic behind.

Well that's too "in the deep end" for me. Passive and silent, I don't care what it weighs :wink:

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I like this case, where to get it?

That was said jokingly, its not for the OPI5.
But just in case you want it for something else:
HeatSync Mini-Client

I just found this one, which I am going to order asap:

Then you have to wait for R6S not having support yet.

well so with these devices you can play games directly in your router, you don't need a PC :joy:

Come to think of it, I don't think you need any routing then either :rofl:

RK3588 to me is like a competitor of Amlogic S905X4, which is usually used on STBs...
This SOC is good at HW decoding of 4K60 or even 8K videos, you can use it as general purpose CPU but not sure if it can even fulfil 2.5G throttle with large connections...

You can probably forget about those video capabilities, even the previous RK3399 mainstream linux kernel still hasn't find a way to put up the video encoder (note this chip is 6 yrs old now), the decoder I think it took people a few years to make it working. So when I talk about "general purpose" it doesn't include those video thing (video codec is also kind of hardware accelerated thing).

For R6S with FriendlyWrt there's already YouTube review saying 2.5G connection is OK (but the little brother R5S struggles)

Available in 2 days here

this is over priced compared to the BPI-R3 (for a router use)...i just hope the openwrt support is better

I think it depends on how much workload you want to be on the router (the RK3588 should be a lot faster), by adding 2 x 2.5G SFP the BPI-R3's combination will have only very small price difference when compared with Orange Pi 5 Plus. But of course looking at official CPU support definitely BPI-R3 would come first