Options of nand programmers?

I want to perform a full backup of the firmware that came with the router, and overwrite the partitions extracted from another image.

Which nand programmer is the best option (cheap) to attach directly to a WSON8 smd chip ?

thank you

That depends also on the chip, which one would you like to backup?

8 PIN Nand from a xiaomi device

I was referring to the exact chip identification (make, model, chip marking)

Oh, sorry, I thought there was a common socket type/ size for the "router industry". It's F50D1G41LB (2M) from ESMT.

thank you

The interface makes the difference: this is an SPI flash so you need an SPI programmer. If you have a Raspberry PI, you can use flashrom without additional hardware. If you don't want to solder wires, an SOIC-8 clip is useful.

Otherwise, I have good experience with WCH341-based cheap flashers. Keep in mind that they may need modifications for 3.3V operation.

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