Option to compile all packages as Modules?

I'm looking to host my own packages repo for OpenWrt. I've read Adding repository to OpenWrt on how to do this, but how can I set the buildroot to compile these ipks WITHOUT baking them into the Image? I'm compiling from master and no an ImageBuilder.

check some targets bot config.buildinfo file

marking the additional packages as;


will result in them being compiled and available in bin/packages...

all packages is HUGE... so maybe a list of the 10-30 of the most common things you used would be a wiser way to go.

if you have a text file with a list... then you can semi-automate the "m" selections by using sed on a .config...

this saves time and will help when package names change or become unavailable.

or the more traditional method is to cat a separate .config and append an existing basic one.

managing many lists over time gets finnicky.

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Does the {m} still bake it into the image? Even if it isn't "active"?

I'm working to support this one-off device to however many people are still using it, and I doubt I'll be able to get it into any kind of Official status, so I'm going to have to "roll my own". Trying to use the official repos just gives me "no valid architecture, ignoring." I followed Changing opkg repository - #3 by Grommish and added the arch define and it still presents itself.

My base image is 17MB.. When adding my packages internally, it gets to 110MB (which still isn't bad, all things considering), but I want to give the users the ability to build their boxes as they need, not as I think they need (if that makes any sense)

You will also probably want


as a lot of packages will fail. (m) means build a loadable whatever, so not baked into image.


Start with a fresh, unpopulated config and select CONFIG_ALL=y - this will mark all not explicitly builtin selected packages as <m>.

Compile with make IGNORE_ERRORS="n m" to skip broken, non-builtin packages.

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Thank you, sir!

Just for completeness for future searchers..

CONFIG_ALL can be set via Global build settings
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 17-04-00

Also, see this thread as you'll need to change that as well to build all the packages.


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