Option in LuCI to change Time To Live (TTL) for firewall4

Are there any plans to add with LuCI an option to change Time To Live (TTL) for firewall4?



@powtrix Thanks for sending the topic.

I wanted to know if there are any plans to add this option in LuCI, it knows that it can be done from the console. I like LuCI and I prefer to click as much as I can.

I don't know if I can, but I can try to add it.

Any news or updates? It looks interesting in case your mobile ISP blocking internet tethering from your sim card.

Simplification of script:

  • no need for unique name in v23
  • no need for input fixing, your PC is not fighting tethering
  • certainly not on all ifaces either


chain mangle_postrouting {
  type filter hook postrouting priority mangle; policy accept;
  oif $wan_devices ip ttl gt 1 counter ip ttl set 65

If in LuCI you also need an option to detect original ttl of the device you trying to cheat around.

EDIT: simplify, ipone needs steady ttl but we dont want to give nonstandard dhcp-s.

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Mangling TTL option would require new option to completely disable flow offloads. Somewhat in odds being post-market firmware.
For now until there is major change in linux kernel offload architecture i'd say the option is not viable for mainstream openwrt and you will be stuck with uploading a config file after checking firewall offloads are not of use for you and your router.

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