Optimized build LEDE 17.01 / OpenWrt 18.06 / libreCMC for "small devices" TP-LINK WR740N(D) WR741N(D) WR743N(D) WR841N/D) All Versions

Hello @xhaka what is the status of IPv6 in these current optimized builds ? IPv6 has been increasingly important now a days as more and more ISP have full support to it and also to help out people in general access and content providers to comply with the law in some countries.
Can it fit in the flash at the cost of removing other not strictly necessary packages ?

Another thing I wanted to ask is how stable these builds have been specially regarding the use of zram as I believe the OpenWrt 17.01.6 tree builds don't have it. Does it have any significant improvement ?
I have the impression that one of the things that have been increasing the memory consumption in 18.06 is the new LuCI which is not the case for 17.01.x.

As I explained earlier, my ISP does not introduce IPv6 at this time. Also keep in mind that my constructions are made to fit in only 4 MB of memory, for that reason eliminate IPv6 support completely to include other packages like SQM and ZRAM-SWAP which you are curious about (you can research about ZRAM in systems based in linux using google) and on the other hand OpenWrt in the branch 18.06 I do not like at all due to the high use of memory and the little space that leaves gracais to the incrementro of size of LuCi. That's why I use LEDE 17.06.1 which already provides the Link of new constructions where there are some to choose from, they have IPv6 enabled and others do not depend on the needs

[UPDATE] LEDE 17.01.6 custom builds for TP-LINK WR841N(D) WR941N(D) WR743N(D) WR741N(D) WR740N(D) All Versions

Thanks @xhaka. Well if it doesn't support IPv6 then I cannot use it as now a days it basically a must for of us. That's why I asked about if it fitted over other not strictly necessary packages as SQM or ZRAM. I think the link you posted may work better then.

I know how ZRAM works and have used it before in a Desktop so I was asking you how significant it has been running on these devices with 32MB of memory and 17.01, if you see any noticeable improvement or even more CPU usage due this module.

You will have a little more free RAM constantly but there will be high peaks in CPU usage from time to time. It will be noticed in router with speed menorr to 400 MHz speed

Hello @xhaka I know how zRAM works. My question was how stable it has been on these type of routers with 32MB of memory and if it is possible to notice any significant or different behaviour compared to one that doesn't have this module. In other words how worth is the extra space it takes in the storage.

I use it in my WR740 and WR741 routers in PPPoE and DHCP mode, and at least I have noticed higher speed when entering the LuCi interface, less lag using my router at full capacity, in my case I have noticed higher speed in router in DHCP mode , but it depends a lot on the needs of the user since there are only 4MB of flash to do extraordinary things with the routers. Just as there are paranoid users concerned about the space available; There are also users with which it works better than the stock firmware is fine, it depends on many factors, it's a question of trying, that's how I decided to create my own personalized images and share them

Everything is working perfectly so far. I found this build better than your LITE xhaka. The problem of the WR841Nv9 that I own is not so much CPU usage it until it hangs in the limit, the problem is the RAM when using SQM, and it seems that in that with zram swap I felt an improvement.

Perfect for play games online !!!

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Hello @xhaka! I try Distribution: Stable Release - LEDE 17.01.5 Custom Build date 20.7.2018
I found that as soon as the load of the CPU reaches values close to 1.XX -this I achieved with 3 pcs playing videos and / or downloading- the load of the cpu goes up -I came to measure values > 5- and despite finishing the downloads and videos the load of the cpu does not diminish or barely does it -values greater than 2-. With the sqm module this is even faster. My router is a TL-WR740N v6 and I do not have any service like adblock running. Any suggestions? All I want is the sqm module to be able to play with little latency. Greetings, megacles.

Im trying the lite version of lede from your other post and its seems to work!
Thanks a lot!

Using the Zram build here for 2 months now and have nothing to complain about. I played games online with no pinging problems, this was the only build that worked without problems for me. Performance is great. Great job xhaka.

New custom builds Custom Builds LEDE v17.01.7 & libreCMC v1.4.5 for..

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With ipv6 disable ( no without ipv6) or with ipv6 enable versions please. /\


All my new compilations do not include IPv6, they are for use as a secondary neutral router. To use openwt on a main router I recommend an 8Mb flash memory

Can you cooked 840n v2 please.

We are hiring for a paid position to maintain a fork of OpenWRT for ultra-small 4/32 devices, no LuCI: