Optimized build for the D-Link DIR-860L

if i am using it as main Router its not much, 45 Mbps are lower even from my internet connection, i have tried it and seems that the driver is buggy (the good is that here with the optimized version 5Ghz is way better than openwrt main, thats why i am using it), i also have the 868l which is way better on 2.4Ghz i easily get +250mbps at a distance of 200m away (with external antenna), so 45Mbps at 4m cannot be considered "stable", my opinion!

Are you too getting 45Mbps ? I'm getting more without even trying to optimize channels and the other options (everything I care is wired, the rest is mobile phones over 5Ghz) ?

Anyway since in the release notes it is mentioned that 2.4 isn't ok i expect that it will be fixed soon.

hope so, because the router has good CPU and its wasted with those annoying bugs!

@All, a new build, r7682, is available in the OP. This might be my final build since I have sold my DIR-860L due to moving house. However, I might buy a Xiaomi MIR3(G) so I can continue producing builds. However, those will be untested on "real" hardware. What do you guys think? Of course, somebody else can take up the gauntlet and produce builds using my config since I always provide a config.seed for every build I release.

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Thanks for your hard work, hopefully someone will carry on the effort.

Also hopefully at some point 18.x will be stable and feature rich enough for our chipset so custom builds won't be required.

Could you please put the checksums as well?

Forgot to upload the checksums file. It is there now. Thanks for reporting.
There is also the possibility to use the closed source drivers from the mtk-openwrt-feed. Could not get them to work but I also did not have the time at the time to get them to work.

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I never understood what are those drivers, is he working with MTK or something, or just some reverse engineered experiment.

He works at Mediatek and provides a way to use the closed source mtk drivers in OpenWRT. Kinda cool imho!

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selling mine too, good hardware but no support at all, only your builds kept it alive, if you wont continue no reason for me to keep it too, 18.06.1 is as bad as olders, no 2.4Ghz and limited 5Ghz to only 20dbm, its too much for me to keep it. I am Going to buy a new one with better openwrt support., thinking to buy an Linksys EA-8500,powerfull with good support! Dir 860L is juseless to be kept with the ancient factory firmware (3years old) !

I've bought 2 Xiaomi MIR3G so I will continue producing builds. I can still release DIR-860L builds if people want them but they will be not tested on it. Also, there are always the buildbot builds, which are fine for 99% of people. From what I have read the 20 dBm thing is purely cosmetic. Your antennae could be the problem. Fun weekend project, messing around with those.

When time permits me to do so I have the following plans:

Always open to new suggestions/ideas

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have an 868L (DDwrt) which is identical to 860Lbut it hasnt any of 860L`s issues and its signal its much better (30dbm) even from routers with external antennas,like archer c7 v1 thats why i think that drivers are the problem with 860L. if 2.4 Ghz fixed and 5Ghz allowed to reach 30dbm then it will also become a good router.

868L is a Broadcom platform and has a completely different SOC and WiFi chips.

If you continue your build of DIR-860L, I would like to help testing.

Right now, I am using my TP-Link Archer C7 v2 as main router. Once there's a solid DIR-860L build, I plan transferring to the later in the end.

i know i mentioned it because of the antenna, it has same antennas as 860L, anyway, finally i gave up with 860L and bought an EA-8500, which seems working great, still having 860L just in case its problems will be fixed!

except the fewer lan ports and external antennas on the xiaomis are there any other differences with the dlink ?

I'm leaning towards building a x86 pfsense router, gigabit switch and hook any ac router as AP to the switch.

Aside from the obvious (number of LAN ports), the main difference is mt7602e (DIR-860L) vs mt7603e (mir3g) wlan for the 2.4 GHz band. The newer mt7603e should be a bit better at coping with interference than mt7602e, but their current state (driver side, potentially also hardware side) isn't perfect yet, if you're looking for an AP and 2.4 GHz reliability/ performance (5 GHz is supposed to be a bit better, and be it just because of less interference to be expected there), a different SOC (e.g. ipq40xx) might be a better option.

Please continue with your optimized builds for the DIR-860L. I own a few of this devices and i'm happy to test future builds and provide feedback.
I'm using them only as smart switches + AP's but i'm pretty sure they also do a good job as main routers.

There was an update to the mt76 driver so I compiled a new trunk build, r7944. This build is untested on hardware since I don't own any at this moment. Flash at your own risk! Download links are here.


Is there anything special to get back to the original firmware from d-link to test something or I can just flash the latest fw via luci ?

I would do a reset of OpenWRT then flash the D-Link firmware via bootloader recovery.