Optimized build for the D-Link DIR-860L


And r7274 is up, enjoy!

Just noticed this so a new build tomorrow. Good times to own a mt7621 device!


New build is up in the OP. The latest mt76 driver should fix the large oscillations in the 5 GHz throughput :slight_smile:


OpenWrt 18.06RC1 is on the OpenWrt download servers since ~6h.
I've noticed reasonably improved DLink 860L Wifi throughput, compared to the rather old 17.01.4. Wifi feels more snappy.
I do not know so far, if the fix you have mentioned is also contained in RC1. Also my tests were to short to be able to notice any oscillations.


Yes, 16.06RC1 contains the latest mt76 driver.


Hi, with latest builds I have this problem Pppoe dials took 5 minutes :confused:


In which of the latest builds did this problem start?


Did you guys allready tested Bartvz latest build ?
Does it run well ? I'm planing to replace Lede Snapshot 17.01 r3909 with one of his builds but i need to make sure it will be stable as some clients are relying on this switch + AP...

That sounds really good... Are you talking about the latest build of Bartvz (r7301) ?


Well, i don't think this is production ready build by nature. The idea is to have new features and improvements specific to mt76 a lot faster than the normal builds. Also we are like 20-30 active users (testers) and one developer/maintainer (thanks again @Bartvz ) which means we can not test every aspect of it. If you need mission critical AP/router get such device with the required features otherwise be prepared for some downtimes/reboots etc.

I usually upgrade a week after a build is released and didn't have any issues so far.


I've also got two other DIR-860L's, i might test the newest build with one of them but it's not a real productive test imho...
So i will wait as well and if no evil bug report appears i'll flash the latest build...
A bit more/better Wifi throughput would be great, for example my Sony TV struggles abit to get a stable 1080p @Amazon Prime Video via 5GHz Wifi !!


Latest build includes the latest mt76 driver which has a fix for 5 GHz in a noisy wifi environment which should increase throughput.
Although my builds are bleeding edge, I test and use them in a production environment so they should not suffer from evil bugs. At least not as for how I am using my DIR-860L.

I do not use PPPoE and was even thinking about removing it since the builds I have been producing are getting bigger and bigger. Now I know people are using it so I will not remove it. @craz going through the commits as far back as one month did not reveal anything immediately concerning PPPoE. Since other people do not have the same problem and since this is happening after an upgrade from 17.01.4 to 18.06RC1, could you do a clean flash, flashing a factory image and setting everything up again?


Sadly i can't test the latest build in my environment because it wont let me install ebtables again... :frowning:

Installing ebtables (2018-06-06-56993546-1) to root...
Downloading http://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/base/ebtables_2018-06-06-56993546-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk
Collected errors:
 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for ebtables:
 * 	kernel (= 4.14.51-1-61447186aee66cfaedbce0ae5f49d58c) * 
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ebtables.

@Bartvz, it would be nice if you could include ebtables + kmod-ebtables + ebtables-utils in your next build...
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


force it and you should be able to install it (or have a kernel panic :slight_smile: on reboot)


This will almost always result in a kernel panic. Speaking from experience unfortunately :wink: It's safe to try it out, but you do need to know how to use the recovery mode in order to restore it to a working functionality. Because if it fails, you will end up with a soft-brick.


here we go (because i "didn't have any issues so far."). Installed r7301 and when running speedtest on my phone through 5GHz the router stops working (no web, no ssh, reboot needed). This happens when speedtest starts the upload phase. Also tested after reseting the configuration of the router - same thing.

Tried logread -f before starting the test but nothing was logged. Which logs to check (there isn't anything interesting in /var/log or /tmp/log)?

I'll be reverting to older build and report back.


r7188 - not affected
r7274 - affected
r7301 - affected

I'll check if i have something specific which can cause the issues.


The same here, although it did work on the first try.


Is the 18.06RC1 branch affected for you guys? For me it's been rock solid stable. Really happy with it.


Haven't tested 18.06RC1 yet, hopefully bartvz will create a build @18.06RC1...


With the router stops working you mean the 5GHz dies?
I always run a speed test and an iperf3 run on my phone and my laptop before I release my builds. Those did not reveal anything out of the ordinary. However, on my DIR-860L with an uptime of almost two days the 5 GHz band is in limbo. I can not see it with my phone (Xiaomi Mi A1) but do see it with my laptop (MacBook Air), although the throughput on 5 GHz is atrocious. Also, nothing in the logs, neither system or kernel logs show anything. So my guess is that it is something deeper and most likely related to the latest commits concerning RSSI and dynamic gain adjustment since this did not happen before.
Thanks to @Mushoz reporting 18.06RC1 is unaffected, I compared the commits to the master and the 18.06RC1 branch and I believe the latest version of mt76 is to blame, this commit. But before I draw conclusions it is necessary to test my hypothesis aka compiling a new build and test it out. Thanks all for reporting (@pivanov84, @ShvetsIvan, @Mushoz)!

@Kherby, when 18.06 is out, my plan is to make a master (experimental) and a 18.06 (stable) build.


That version of the driver is also being used in the 18.06RC1 branch. I have been running the driver with that commit from the day it was pushed to Github (8 days ago) and the router has been absolutely fantastic. Zero WiFi issues during the last week.

Edit: You can verify that the 18.06 branch also contains that commit ("1d4ca10 mt76x2: track rssi for gain adjustment per station") of the mt76 driver here: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=b72bced2d77178b5b1e3ee9b76566dc7a3d5e251


Slightly different commit so I missed that. Hmm, what is the difference then? You do not live in a "noisy" WiFi environment right?