Opkg to ram - how to?

Firstly, sorry for my bad english.
I'm newbie on linux world.
I was created this question: Can i install to Air5343?
so i understand my modem may be didnt work.

When i investing the solution i found this blog: https://blog.mythic-beasts.com/2018/11/23/openwrt-install-to-ram-run-iftop-on-a-router-with-very-limited-flash/

But i could not find, how can i install to opgk and openwrt packages install to /tmp directory.
Is it possible? How can i do it?

try editing /etc/opkg.conf and change option overlay_root /overlay to option overlay_root /tmp
and then install your desired package as opkg install [package] -d ram




Thanks Brian, this answer should be in a sticky. I had 2mb spare and your answer just changed my system to 28mb!

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I'm new learner. could u tell step by step for opkg to ram? thanks

How u did? could u tell the steps?

@naveen1hot see above or further above

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plz help me how to increase space i enter option overlay_root /tmp in okfg.conf. but it still showing 3mb only? kindly help wer i doing mistake?

thanks. im able install on ram. but cant increase space for software update!!

@stevie7303215 could help me how u increase your space for software?

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