Opkg/Hotplug extras (to keep installed packages on upgrade) are itself not kept on upgrades

The new installation section does have a nice way of keeping the installed packages:

Set up Opkg extras and Hotplug extras to be able to use the following features:

Then you run opkg save.
And then you upgrade your device in Luci and keep the options and the packages indeed get reinstalled.

IMHO this is quite awesome.
(except of the fact that it does not seem to differentiate dependencies and manually installed packages, but I guess that does not matter too much.)


The “installation” of the required Opkg extras and Hotplug extras basically consists of pasting two command lines into your OpenWRT shell via SSH.

And… they are itself not kept after they are installed. As such, the packages are again not included in the backup… :thinking:


  1. It would be nice if these OPGK extras and hotplug extras were an opkg package itself. This would also solve the reinstallation issue, because by definition, they would reinstall “themselves”.
  2. Well… and they should be kept after an upgrade. But as said, 1. solves this, too, I guess, so that i used bullet points here is totally pointless. :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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Assuming the user preserves the settings during sysupgrade, the Opkg extras script should survive as its location is included in the default backup configuration, and the Hotplug extras relies on customizing /etc/sysupgrade.conf to achieve the same goal.

In addition, as the author of those pages, I'd like to point out that the method for tracking installed and removed packages can be greatly simplified if someone decides to integrate that functionality into Opkg.


Oh yes, I totally second that. This would the best IMHO.
Then one also does not have to copy-paste these additions in there…

Is there any place to raise such a feature request? Is there an opkg issue tracker somewhere? (I was unable to find it.)

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Looks like Opkg-related issues should be reported to the OpenWrt issue tracker.

Okay thx, reported:


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