Opinions on the TP-LINK Archer AX23

I'm looking to buy a router for home use, on which I plan to install OpenWRT. After some research, I have come across the TP-LINK Archer AX23, which checks all of the boxes I have:

  • Comparatively low price
  • Supports WPA3
  • Supported by OpenWRT
  • Has at least three LAN ports

However, before I and my dad go and buy one, it has to pass the final test: the forums.

Has anyone used this router before? What was your experience? Can I do better, or have I found the best router ever made? Please share your thoughts.

So the ax23 is a mt7621 device.
What's your budget, where in the world are you and what do you require?
Similar devices with the same chipset are the mercusys mr70x, the Zyxel WSM20 and the belkin rt1800/ Linksys e7350

Hey squiggly

Since you linked currys I presume you are from UK. Amazon has it for £49.99 right now: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09VPRWGR7

One thing that put me off the AX23 was the different versions. There is a v1 and v1.2

Both seem to be supported but when companies feel a need to do this it always leaves a bad taste in the mouth about potential problems in the future. I have some Zyxel WSM20 which is basically the same hardware and ebuyer was selling a 3 pack for £60 and single routers for £20. Stock is really hard to get now but if you keep your eyes open you can probably get a single router for similar.

The Cudy WR3000 has a much better CPU with stock coming to UK late June at Amazon for £50

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Those are software revisions. Often easily enough supported. A v2 would mean possibly a different SoC etc.

@squiggly I bought one myself for a friend, MT7621 is a proven and popular platform and MT7915 a well supported radio. If you want 802.11ax on a budget, I wouldn't hesitate.

using one right now, pretty decent.

Unfortunately revert procedure to stock is broken/unknown, so reverting to stock breaks your firmware version and makes you unable to update on the default UI