Openwrt22.03 -domoticz 2021 no python support

hi there I installed your newer openwrt 22.03 and it seams that domoticz does not have any python support. I have python and setup tools installed. from what i can tell it missing libpython-dev for it function. do you know what package I would have to install to get domoticz python plugin support -- in all your other versions of openwrt domoticz had python plugin support from basic install

here from my previous openwrt v18 but also worked in v19. never tried other version until the current as they did not fully support my device
previous openwrt firmware
and the current openwrt (sunix a20) 22.03

Hi, you have to add the Python3 package separately, it's not automatically a dependency.

which python3 packages ? as I mentioned I have python3, python3-setup tools and python3-dev installed still no python in domoticz .. but I did run across that domoticz 2021.1 does not support python over 3.8 . currently looking at if I can compile domoticz 2022.1 and the python installed is python3.10 on openwrt

I remember there being a maximum version 3.x as well or it wouldn't work but I don't remember what the version was. I don't have any plugins anymore so no need for Python. I'll look around to see what I can find.

Can you d/l the python package from the 19.x OpenWrt and install on 22.x? Hopefully someone can chime in to see if that can be done without breakage.

I only use the one plugin zigbee2mqtt for domoticz, imagine my disappointment. just finished compiling node for allwinner 32bit CPUs , as for some reason there was no node support ( only in 64bit versions CPUs) and got zigbee2mqqt running and when I went to set it up and find out domoticz is broken with no python support :frowning:

but I started compiling domoticz 2022.1 find out in a couple hour or so if works or not.. so far no complaining

okay compiled domoticz 2022.1 and still broken for python in openwrt.
openwrt seams to be missing some python files to make it work on openwrt
i guess back to my original premise that libpython-dev is required as that the only other thing I find mentioned why python does not on domoticz.

would anyone be nice enough to point me in the right direction or a little bit help on the matter not sure how I would go about adding this to openwrt

or if still related no python 3.10 support in domoticz how would one go about installing an older version of python 3.4 to 3.8