OpenWrt Zone "list of interfaces"

Using OpenWrt 19.04, Firewall-3:
I'm configuring a "zone" in the /etc/config/firewall. I want to treat two different interfaces, one wired, and one wireless, which are both themselves represented as bridge devices in in /etc/config/network.

According to "" option "network" is a "list of interfaces" ie. list notation. Fine.

My default policies are "DROP, DROP, DROP" My zone has Input, Output policies as "ACCEPT, ACCPT..." When I list one of the two bridge devices on the network list in the zone, and "service firewall restart" as expected, I get in the IP Tables Chain Input a new custom chain with the name "Zone---XXX---Input" which applies to device on THAT bridge. When I list the other device on the list in that zone, I get the same "Zone---XXX---Input" and the respective device is there. Fine. Dandy.

When I list BOTH interfaces on the "list" using a "list notation?" I get zip. zilch. nada. I had expected the firewall3 compiler to generate a rule for both interfaces as individual iptables rules.

My syntax must certainly be wrong. No firewall compiler would ship with a bug as blatant as this, right?

And… what is the syntax you’re trying to use exactly?

When you bridge two interfaces together, you stop having two interfaces, and the bridge becomes the only interface that you can use and configure.

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