Openwrt, Xwrt, Padvan Os, LeDE

what is the difference between openwrt vs xwrt vs padvan vs lede?

If one router is supported by openwrt, does that mean it will also support xwrt/padvan/lede?



LEDE is an old fork of OpenWrt, and was merged back to OpenWrt, so now they are one and the same.

Xwrt is a Chinese fork of OpenWrt. If a device is supported by OpenWrt, it will be supported by Xwrt, but not vice-versa.

Pandavan is a Chinese firmware. I do not know if it is based on OpenWrt or not. Seems to be prefered by many due to its easy to use interface.


Does xwrt provide anything better than openwrt? :confused: is there any extra packages? :confused:

You’ll have to ask that question of the xwrt team/forums and/or look at the features offered by each of them and create a little comparison. This forum doesn’t cover xwrt.

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oh okay got it :neutral_face: