Openwrt x86 Netgear a6210 AP mode how to


I run Openwrt x86.
Now I want to add a WiFi adapter, netgear a6210 in AP modes.

Where I can find a step by step how to?


X86 release builds don't include any wifi-related packages you will need to install them. Connect the router to the Internet then use either LuCI or CLI to install packages.

First the general wifi stack: kmod-cfg80211, hostapd, wireless-regdb, iw, and iwinfo.

Then you need the kmod(s) specific to your hardware. This device seems to be a MT7612U chip, so the driver would be kmod-mt76x2u which should bring in a bunch of the kmod-mt76 family as dependencies.

With drivers installed, reboot with the adapter plugged in and see if you now have a Network-Wireless page or an /etc/config/wireless file. Wireless starts out disabled until you configure an interface such as an AP bridged to the lan network.

Note that USB wifi adapters should always be plugged into the same physical port on the machine. Plugging into a different port will make it appear as a new radio and the old radio configuration will not work since that hardware path no longer exists.


Yes the interface is Up!

The only thing is I don't know how to config the wireless> interfaces

Does someone have a example, how I can do that?

This is done in Network->Wireless. If you simply enable the default setup, you'll start up an unencrypted AP on your lan network, which is similar to the default settings of a consumer router. You should of course edit that AP and set up encryption. For that choose WPA2 and CCMP standards, which are the highest that work with presently available clients.


I got it to work. Thanks a lot!!

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