OpenWrt X86_64 + Mikrotik R11e-LTE6

Dear community!

I want to setup a config with x86 pc and miniPCI-E LTE card. I found several topics about my config but nothing works :\ Can somebody provide me a method what is 100% works? I want public IP.


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If you get a public IPv4 address, depends solely on what your ISP is willing to give/ the contract you've subscribed to. Within those constraints, the only influence you have, would be selecting the right APN according to your subscription.

In general, LTE/ 5g ISPs don't hand out public IPv4 addresses to their customers (a single /64 IPv6 prefix might be the best they grant you), at least not for consumer contracts (business contracts tend to have more options, if you're willing to pay for them).

With the same config using RouterOS, or OpenWRT with usb lte stick the public IP is got. So the problem is that the connecting wont came up with the miniPCI-E card

Then you need to provide more info than "nothing works".

First I try this method:

the wan interface won't came up.

Then I try this:

With this the WAN interface came up but no internet access, and the interface got IP like ...

this would be the 1st reason why it would fail, can't have the same subnet on LAN and WAN side.

that's not a public IP, but the modem itself might be doing the unwanted NATing.

Ok. I will try. At now my Routers IP is So i need to change to 192. 168.1.1?

this IP is assigned where ?

no, you need to keep it away from that subnet on the LAN subnet, but it's the default one, that's why you were told to change it.

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So what should i try now?

answer the question from my last post ?

and post a pic from network -> interfaces.

Sorry i missed it.

it looks as it should work, what doesn't your client say ?

I am remote now, I will test it later. But why isn't the public IP in the virtual WANN interface?

because the modem is doing the NATing for you.

And what if i don't want this. Can I set this somehow.

depends on the modem, and it'd allow/have passthrough mode, ask Mikrotik.

On RouterOS whit this HW i got publi IP on lte1 interface so it should it.

then you need to figure out what commands needs to be sent to the modem, to change the mode.

I have log from routerOS lte connect. Can I use it?

depends what's in it, doesn't it ?