OpenWrt x86-64 + GPIO

Dear Community!

I would like to setup my PC to use the GPIO ports to control LEDs. The mainboard is a Commell LV-67H. The manual says the GPIO port are controlled by Winbond W83627DHG-P. I'm using the kmod-hwmon-w83627ehf package, because the sensors package is use that to get temperature, voltage and fan data.
What do i need and setup yet, to use GPIO ports?


@mrhaav Can You help me with this please.

is a good start.

I read this. But i'm stucked at exporting gpio ports. The system doesn't see the ports. The manual says the ports are GPIO10-17. If I run:

for i in $(seq 10 17); do echo ${i} > /sys/class/gpio/export; done

I got:

If you look in directory /sys/class/gpio, do you have any gpiochip?

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Nothing :frowning: Just export and unexport

I suppose this is empty as well, cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio, or?

Looks like you are missing some package for your gpio chip.

Yes it's empty too. But What package is needed?

Have you tried all available kernel-modules for GPIO chips?
Try one by one and see if our GPIO chip shows up.

I need choose one these?

Yes, and hope one will support your chip.

Boot your PC from any Live USB with Linux, check the GPIOs and drivers that are loaded (in dmesg).