OpenWrt WPA Keys

Hello. I recently bought a phone (Poco X3 Pro), and faced the problem that due to the frequent change of WPA keys, the WiFi on my phone turns off. Could you tell me where I can change the key change period? Thank you in advance.

The available options for wireless are in the wiki, but I could not find something relevant. Could you post here the output of uci export wireless ? Use preformatted text (the </> button) and remove and sensitive information, like passwords.

Your inquiry is a bit unclear, the 'WPA keys' (in the sense of the configured WPA(2)PSK) don't change, ever (unless you manually reconfigured your router). I can only assume that you're referring to the WPA rekeying interval, which should happen invisibly behind the curtain (re-negotiating session keys in regular intervals) and is part of the WPA standards as an important security measure. In the past some drivers had issues with this, but that 'should' have really stopped to be an issue over a decade ago, that doesn't preclude there still being bugs in certain circumstances, but those need to fixed and not worked around.


try switching the setting of 'Disassociate On Low Acknowledgement'

As that can be a cause of wifi issues for phones (the phone does not "leave" the network properly when it goes in sleep mode and the wifi access point disconnects it, but the phone still thinks it is connected when it resumes from sleep, then receives errors and disconnects)

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