OpenWrt with scanner ( Windows Applications )

I have some old scanners LIDE 20 & 30

For the appplication i use SANEWin without problem but i have not found a 64 bits 'TWAIN' solution a llowing to get directly in Paint by exemple

do you know if there is something that would work ?

Do you already have your scanner running on the network via OpenWrt and Sane?

Yes with SANEWin it works fine but I have not found a "Twain or WIA Twain solution in 64 bits

I did not succeed in compiling Wia Sane

I have a similar issue with my Lide-35.
The only way I got it working was to fool/force Windows to use the 64bit driver for the Lide-60.
I don't know if this would work with your Lide-20/30, but worth a try.

Any possibility with windows drivers & LIDE 20 or 30 only Sane or VueScan