OpenWrt with OpenVPN client gateway (reverse tunnel) works but I cannot access VPN server

Hi all!

This is my first post in this community, so let me start with my greetings to all! The forums have been very helpful these past week and I have been able to setup my desired network layout quite well!..

My internet connection is behind double NAT by my ISP (Carrier Grade NAT or 'CGN'). This poses the challenge to make my Home servers accessible from the internet. So I rented the cheapest VPN with fixed IPv4 I could find and setup my own OpenVPN access server. At home, I configured a mini-pc with OpenWRT and OpenVPN client which connects to my OpenVPN access server. The OpenVPN client is configured as a gateway for my network, so I can reverse-proxy incoming traffic to the servers in my VLAN. Both my VLAN's are physically separated by 2 netgear switches. Here is a diagram of my network so far:

I followed closely (but not exact) the directions as per OpenWRT wiki and

I can browse the internet from both networks. When connected to my Server-LAN, I could confirm that my external IP is indeed the IPv4 address of my OpenVPN access server, so I'm quite pleased so far....

My Question: However, when I Am connected to my Server-LAN, I Am unable to open the webpage on my OpenVPN Access Server (h-t-t-p-s://217.160.xx.yyy:9443) and I wonder if this needs a firewall or forwarding rule of some kind?

On my OpenWRT server, I had to configure a virtual interface 'tun0' for my VPN tunnel, in my firewall settings this is what makes it work:

You don't need to do anything in the OpenWrt. You just need to use the tunnel endpoint IP on the Access Server instead of the public IP.


I have never had such a quick and easy solution, thanks a lot, this works like a charm! :smile: :+1:


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