OpenWrt with IPv6 support on 4/32

I'm reading

and all custom builds mention removal of PPoE and IPv6 to save space. Literally every single 4/32 build recommendation. However, I need them, what I dont need is stuff like VOIP, samba, VPN etc, basically I just want to extend my default DIR-320 capabilities with IPv6 and SSH.

What are my options here?

You could try using 18.06 which is slightly smaller. Remove LuCi and work entirely with the cli. Or get a newer device with more memory.

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18.06 is fine with me but I need LuCI or any kind of web-interface.

I think you may need to consider a new device if you really need LuCI, or you can learn to use the command line to save space. Otherwise, I think you’re just pushing the old hardware to the limits.


Or, if your device has usb, you could use an extrooot.


Unlikely to happen. LuCI would also suffer major performance issues if you succeeded (e.g. pages crash/don't load). Also, I observe 18.06 doesn't run well on my 4/32 devices even with LuCI disabled.

You also risk a bricked device if the image is still too large.