Openwrt with avalon 6 miner wifi help

Good morning everyone

I am in a major jam and would need some advice of help since im not tech savy when it comes to openwrt and raspberry pi

I currently have an raspberri pi 2 that is configured with cgminer and an avalon 6 miner that is connected directly to the board, not trought usb but i have an older version of openwrt and the settings are not there for wifi

I dont want to update openwrt because im afraid that my miner will not work after and i am using it as an heat source for my greenhouse

Does anyone have an step by step on how to install an usb wifi on the os?

i have attached the system screenshot

Thank you for your time to read and respond if you can

@samanthalarocque, welcome to the community!

Designated Driver was never an official release - it was the name of the old development branch.

Nope, likely not. This was never a released version. You may be able to compile the necessary packages and manually install them.

well this was not the outcome that i had hope for but thank you for answering and being honnest about it :slight_smile: