OpenWRT with 4 virtual network interface

I am learning to use Openwrt using ESXi. Everything was fine until i added the 4 virtual interface on Openwrt Virtual Host. initial adding interfaces with openwrt up, It was working perfectly. But after i did a reboot of virtual Openwrt, I run into problem. From console all interfaces are up. routing tables ok. Pci devices similar to initial setup but i lost contact with all the openwrt interfaces. I could not ping any interfaces on the console. all external interfaces not reachable. Reconfig Openwrt to 3 virtual network and do a reboot and every interfaces are up. This is repeatable as i try many times the same procedure. I tested added 4 virtual interfaces in ubuntu and there was no problem. This experiment was try with different OpenWrt versions and ESXi version but the result is the same. So does OpenWRT support 4 interfaces on X86?? Can anyone propose any solutions?