OpenWrt WireGuard VPN client to my OpenWrt Wireguard VPN Server on my home router

I use have been using free BTWifi while traveling with my work and using OpenWrt to boost signal a bit (to make it usable).

Now I am struggling with BTwifi not being able to load Google, YouTube or any website with Google fonts, google tag manager, Google Analytics or other google widgets. Yet despite spending the best part of £70 a month with them (something that I will be changing in the next month or so) I can't get any decent tech support.

The issues are not caused by OpenWrt, I have tested my phone and laptop directly in town and when visiting family yesterday and the issue was same 50 miles away. I was able to resolve it using freeVPN browser add-ons but speed was rubbish.

So I started to learn how to use Wireguard, I got to thinking, if I can use those sites at home, then maybe I can install my second OpenWrt router at home with Wireguard Server and then use WireGuard Client in the OpenWrt I take with me on my travels.

How practical is this?

What issues will I face?

I imagine the speed will still be determined by my BT-Wifi connection but does a tunnel to my home add a speed issues (I have BT Fibre at home).

Given the situation I don't think you have many options, so you'll have to swallow that pill.

Depending on the upload speed your home connection has, you might face some delay as traffic will traverse from the portable router to your provider, then to the home provider, home router, and finally to the destination.
In any case

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