OpenWrt wiki: Improving table editing

I agree that tables can be a pita, but your's seems to be a rather simple one compared to :o)

What is your expectation regarding a table editor, how should he make your life easier? Are you thinking of something graphical like excel?


oh i just wondered if you had a WYSISWG editor that plugged into the wiki. Like those old html editors where you would design it all and it spits out the relevant code. The wiki's edit window can be abit limited at times.

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I'll look into that over the weekend.

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TinyMCE might work for that.


ta for that. i might have to add that to my machine. Notepad++ only gets so far

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FYI - I have installed the edittable plugin now.

See for examples. Feel free to play around!
Please report back your good and bad experiences and any issues with this plugin.

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Juat had a look at that. It makes editing tables SOOO much nicer. Muchly appricated!