OpenWrt WIFI AX + 802.3ad Bonding

Dear all,

I am invesstigating about migrating to WIFI AX.
My home network is full 10Gbe using fiber.

Does it make sense to connect an OpenWRT AP to wired network using a 802.3ad bonding with 3 or 4 x 1 Gbit wires. I don't want to use copper with 2.5 Gbit or more as it heats too much and this wastes a lot of energy (and heats too much, especially in summer).

Under OpenWRT AX device, is a switch able to handle 802.3ad Bonding?
Will it be fully accelerated and does it make sense to use bonding?

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At this point, the answer is probably 'no'.

We're starting with a rather small device base to begin with (mt7621+mt7915 and mt7622+mt7915) - and at least in those cases, the switch uplink to the SOC (the CPU port) is (afaik) limited to 1 GBit/s, so bonding won't gain you anything. Where it applies, the >>1 GBit/s ports are typically not part of the switch, but sit on a dedicated PHY (typically Aquantia based so far) and mostly copper based (2.5GBASE-T) for now (more to come with ipq807x, there also covering 5GBASE-T, 10GBASE-T and some rare devices with SFP+).

EDIT: Btw. that's exactly what I meant in 2.5 - 10 Gbps internet - #59 by slh, >1 GBit/s devices are slowly coming to the prosumer/ high-end consumer market, but so far pretty much exclusively using copper based ethernet.