OpenWrt VM on Proxmox, when I add a third NIC i lose routing and access to the web UI

Hi, this post is a follow on from one I posted earlier (which is sorted)

So my OpenWrt is a VM on top of Proxmox and has worked great for a few years!
It has a PCIE NIC passed through for WAN and a virtual bridge VMBR0 which is my LAN

But now I'm getting another internet connection I will need another router.
As per my previous post, I wanted to create a bridge between these two routers, so I can traverse into the other network from my PC in the first network.
In Proxmox I made a new virtual bridge VMBR1 and then added it as a network device. In OpenWrt setup, a static route to the other router and all was good for a while.

But if I reboot OpenWrt it all goes wrong it stops routing traffic and I can't access the webUI!
If I remove VMBR1 and reboot it routs again and all is well except I don't have a bridge into the other router anymore.

I assume what is happening is the new network device is confusing the assignment of the WAN and LAN by OpenWrt but I'm unsure how to prove this or fix it.
Any help would be great

Don't you have access to the console? The boot log should contain information on the detected NICs and their setup.

Hi yes I can access the console via proxmox.

I also changed to local file logging as per the wiki I'm not sure if this captures the boot log also or just the system log.

I can't really do much today as my wife is working from home so needs the internet.

I have attached a screenshot of the console output for the machine booting with just two network devices so a "working" config

When I re-boot the machine after setting up the third network device and it fails it looks mostly the same
The difference is it gets stuck on the second from last line "adding VLAN 0 to HW filter on device eth1"

Oh just an update i fixed my issue, I moved over the pfsense

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