OpenWRT vm in ESXi allow VLAN traffic

Hi everyone!

I've got the following scenario, inside a VMware ESXi, I've got a pfSense VM with some tagged VLANs in lan port, an openWRT VM with the VLANs configured in the bridge interface (image below) and a Windows 10 VM.

The VLANs go from pfSense to openWRT:
VLAN 10:
VLAN 30:

The same thing works for all the interfaces. When I untagg a VLAN in lan1 (which goes to Windows 10 VM) it doesn't get there. Could someone please help me?

The VMware ESXi config is as follows for each VM:
Ethernet adapter 1: VMNetwork (WAN)
Ethernet adapter 2: nuevo (LAN with VLANs tagged)

    Ethernet adapter 1: nuevo (interconnection with pfSense)
    Ethernet adapter 2: LAN (connection to Win 10 VM)

Windows 10:
    Ethernet adapter 1: LAN (connection to openWRT)

The virtual switches in ESXi:



Could someone please help me?