OpenWrt VLANS with Proxmox

Hi there,

I would like to use some existing vlans ( IOT network etc ) and include some new vlans one for the lan and other for the wan network ( comes from house 1 network/internet )

I already have the wireless IOT vlan ( ID 40 ) up and running using a vlan bridge ( br-vlan ) I have made 2x new vlans one for lan ( ID 10 ) and other wan ( ID 100 )

The lan vlan is using the actual lan interface ( br-lan.10 )
The wan vlan is using the actual wan interface ( br-wan.100 )

Under the bridge vlan ( br-vlan ) I have added a port of my router ( port 1 ) to this and removed it from the lan. Under the bridge vlan filtering tab I have added the vlans and tagged each one under port 1

I have added the interfaces for lan_vlan and wan_vlan and assigned them a static IP in the same range as the respected network. For example my lan network is and WAN is

So the lan_vlan is a static IP address of
So the wan_vlan is a static IP address of

I have tried using DHCP also

I have added them to firewall also.

I want to access each network from my proxmox server over the one port ( nic ) my server has
Note: There will be additional Vlans in future for NAS etc

I'm trying todo a similar setup as seen in this video: