Openwrt upgrade to the latest version

hello guys
I recently bought a Linksys EA8300 router
I noticed that the latest openwrt version available for this model is 22.03.6 !
Now I have some questions !
It must be updated to the latest version !?
Is there another way to update to the latest version or should I wait for it to be released for this model ?!
Guys, I'm a complete beginner and I don't know much about coding, please explain

it's not -

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isn't one way enough ?

where did the coding come from ?


So which file should I download ?!
What is a snapshot ?! Do I have to download this ?!
Should I do it by uploading a file for installation ?!

you didn't read the wiki entry I linked to, did you ?

Did the firmware link in the 1st reply say anything about snapshot ?

Read this too.
It says anything after 22.03.6 will soft brick it if used on the first install.

Download from the OpenWRT site exclusively the 22.03.5 (or 22.03.6) OpenWRT version factory.bin image. Using a more recent build (ie. 23.05 .x or later) on this step will lead to a soft-brick.

Most current OpenWrt is 23.05.2

Read the whole page before you flash/soft brick it..

Hey, even as a full beginner you won’t need any coding for updating. There are two versions to upload. The stable release and snapshots. Snapshots tend to be risky since they’re not final releases. If someone has a crippling bug and a developer fixed it in a snapshot, it makes sense for that person with the crippling bug to update. Not for everyone else. Regarding coding, you’re either just typing commands in the terminal, or you click things in the user interface (LuCi) found at (usually)

OK ?! I just uploaded the factory file

Looks good, doesn't it ?

You know there's a program called snipping tool, in windows, right ?

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I did not know about that and was curious how people were cropping paint so quickly...