OpenWrt TP-Link Archer D20

I have a Tp-link Archer D20.
I won't to install OpenWrt, but don't find it on supported list.
Can I install openort?
The memory zentel a3r12e40cbf

Archer D is a router with DSL modem. OpenWRT doesn't support DSL modems.

That's why you can't find any information how to do it.

If I don't need to use DSL function, can I install OpenWrt. Or it's not supported at all.

This is official list:

And Archer D wasn't there.

Archer D50 and D7 exists in the supported list. -[Model*~]=archer+d
If anyone has been successful on D20 or knows if it would work, would be helpful to know, as I was planning to give it a try.
Cheers & Thanks!